Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Vatican Secret by @phogenkampVT #BookReview


This book reads like you're watching a movie. Tons of action scenes, but the author takes time to beautifully paint his settings. He does this so well that I felt like I had boarded a plane and landed in Europe.

Marco is a complex and conflicted character. As a priest, he's also some sort of rogue problem solver for the Catholic church and if killing bad guys is called for, he's prepared for the job--though he does struggle with his conscience. I just wish he could have gotten together with one of his female conspirators. After all, he has blood on his hands, what's fornication, but I guess everyone has to draw the line somewhere.

There are a lot of players in this book to follow and keep straight, but it makes for a complex and intricate plot. You never know from one chapter to the next whose journey you’re going to pick back up.

I received an uncorrected proof through NetGalley from the publisher Bookouture. This review is my opinion only and was not solicited.

This book is available for purchase on several retailers including Amazon Canada.