Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Shucked Apart by @BarbRoss (Barbara Ross), a #BookReview


There are two things wrong with this series. One, the wait between releases is torture. Two, when they do come out I gobble them up in a day! This one was no exception! Come on, Barbara Ross, write them faster! And that ending... everything was tied up nicely with believable motive and the guilty rounded up, but... Well, I don't want to give away a spoiler...but now I have to wait a year (or so?) to see if things in Julie Snowden's personal life turn around!

If you haven't figured it out already, I'm telling you: I'M A HUGE FAN OF THE MAINE CLAMBAKE SERIES! I always pre-order, because I can't seem to get enough of Maine and Julia Snowden! I also know that I can rely on Ross to deliver an easy read with interesting twists and a satisfying conclusion. On that note, I never reread books, but when Covid-19 first hit and I was looking for something comfortable and reliable, I actually found myself starting to do that with this series. 

So what can readers expect with SHUCKED APART? More of what Ross delivered in earlier installments of the series: a cozy mystery that takes place in Busman's Harbor, Maine. It's atmospheric, and I swear every time I pick up one of these books I smell the briny air and hear the squawking of seagulls. That just puts me immediately at peace. As for Julia herself, she knows how to ferret out killers, even to the disdain of the state police, who by this book she's established quite a good relationship with. She's persistant, opinionated, and stubborn, but all these characterisitics make her who she is and has me addicted.

Now there's no need to really ask, but would I recommend this book and the entire series? Absolutely and start at the beginning!

And, one more thing, when's the next one, Barbara Ross?

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