Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Shucked Apart by @BarbRoss (Barbara Ross), a #BookReview


There are two things wrong with this series. One, the wait between releases is torture. Two, when they do come out I gobble them up in a day! This one was no exception! Come on, Barbara Ross, write them faster! And that ending... everything was tied up nicely with believable motive and the guilty rounded up, but... Well, I don't want to give away a spoiler...but now I have to wait a year (or so?) to see if things in Julie Snowden's personal life turn around!

If you haven't figured it out already, I'm telling you: I'M A HUGE FAN OF THE MAINE CLAMBAKE SERIES! I always pre-order, because I can't seem to get enough of Maine and Julia Snowden! I also know that I can rely on Ross to deliver an easy read with interesting twists and a satisfying conclusion. On that note, I never reread books, but when Covid-19 first hit and I was looking for something comfortable and reliable, I actually found myself starting to do that with this series. 

So what can readers expect with SHUCKED APART? More of what Ross delivered in earlier installments of the series: a cozy mystery that takes place in Busman's Harbor, Maine. It's atmospheric, and I swear every time I pick up one of these books I smell the briny air and hear the squawking of seagulls. That just puts me immediately at peace. As for Julia herself, she knows how to ferret out killers, even to the disdain of the state police, who by this book she's established quite a good relationship with. She's persistant, opinionated, and stubborn, but all these characterisitics make her who she is and has me addicted.

Now there's no need to really ask, but would I recommend this book and the entire series? Absolutely and start at the beginning!

And, one more thing, when's the next one, Barbara Ross?

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Monday, March 1, 2021

#BookReview: The Girl from Silent Lake by @LWNovels (Leslie Wolfe) @Bookouture

Riveting read! I would have finished this one a lot faster if it hadn't been for so much going on in my life at the time of reading. I found myself thinking about getting back to it when I wasn't reading.

Kay Sharp is a great character with a complex past. I found it interesting and intriguing how she profiled the killer. As a former FBI agent, life pulled her back to her hometown, to a past she wanted to forget, and a house she would probably prefer to see burned to ground. But family is obviously important to Kay--namely her brother and her deceased mother. Her father? Well, there's a story there you'll need to discover for yourself by reading the book.

With nothing much to do in a small, northern town of California, Kay finds herself writing the local sherrif's office with her thoughts about murders in the area. She never expected that a detective would show up at her door suspicious of her involvement. After all, he doesn't understand how she'd have all this understanding of a killer if she wasn't the one behind the deaths. But what is a rocky start, becomes a quick partnership between a cowboy detective who hails from Texas and a former FBI agent from San Francisco.

There's intrigue, suspense, and danger. Maybe the unnecessary of putting oneself in harm's way toward the end...but that just had me screaming at the book and flipping the pages faster to get to the resolution.

And speaking of "resolution," this book wrapped up quite nicely!  I hate it when you get to the end of a book and are like "ah, wait a minute, what about x?!" That wasn't the case with this one. Any loose ends were tied up making it a very satisifying read and Leslie Wolfe an author to look for. In fact, this book even delivered a bit of a warm and fuzzy ending, which one doesn't always get from a crime novel. But it actually left me curious about what Kay's future might become. I also wonder if there's going to be a romance developed in the future between Kay and the local detective Elliott.

I received an advanced reading copy of this book for honest review. Thank you to the author, Bookouture, and NetGalley.

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Monday, February 22, 2021

A Killer's Daughter by @JennaKernan, a #BookReview


This book opens with a rather graphic murder scene, immediately setting the stage for a serial-killer thriller. From the first meeting of Nadine Finch, I could tell right away she was going to be a strong character. She has her secrets and loves her privacy and solitude--as it turns out for good reason. She's the daughter of a serial killer (not a spoiler; it's in the blurb and right in the title).

Nadine feels very real from her internal narrative to her obvious discomfort at her first autopsy. She's a criminal psychologist, which provides a unique perspective for the story.

And speaking of story, there was one exciting development after another, and there's a reveal about halfway through that will make your skin crawl as you try to figure out the meaning behind it. This book was excellently written and the author's turn of phrase is particulary poignant.

The final reveal of the killer's identity delivered an unpredicted twist, and the author set things up at the end in such a way you wonder what's next for Nadine Finch.

I received an advanced reading copy of this book for honest review. Thank you to the author, Bookouture, and NetGalley.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Lost Souls by @DrCJMerritt #BookReview

This was a good read that kept me intrigued. When I wasn't reading this book, I found myself thinking about it, which tells me the author did an incredible job of making the characters realistic and the plot, engaging.

The author inserts a lot of possibilities for the identity of the killer (red herrings) throughout the book, and I found myself curious who it would end up being.

I enjoyed the chapters from the killer's POV, and could feel his conflict, but also his bit of compulsion. Despite the media giving him the moniker of "Church Kid Killer," this killer does take out the children because he's some deranged lunatic set on violence. To him, he was a maker of angels. I found his thinking to be chilling, interesting, and refreshing.

This was my first book by this author, but I'd definitely read his work again. I received an advanced reading copy. Thank you to the author, Bookouture, and NetGalley for making this possible.