Friday, April 21, 2023

Book Review for The Polish Daughter by @GosiaNealon

"Our sad city is plagued with skeletons of buildings and cross-marked graves. When we were fighting every day to protect the homeland, we lived on adrenaline. We had no time to reflect or see things around us. But now, I can’t help crying for my ruined, bleeding Warsaw. It will never be the same again." - Excerpt from The Polish Daughter

This book will have you wanting to reach into the pages and strangle some people! There are secrets, and someone people aren't who they say. Lying and betrayal by people out for their own agenda, those who present themselvesas trustworthy. And all this admid a brutal war. With these friends, who needs enemies?

Like with the other books I've read by Gosia Nealon, THE POLISH DAUGHTER just sucked me right in. Once I started, I found it near impossible to set the book down! She's an incredible storyteller and her approach to Word War 2 fiction really humanizes that time in history. Those alive then were just like us today with dreams and hopes, just sadly so many of them were squashed. As I think every time I read this genre, it's heartbreaking to how sadistic man can be too another.

"How can one human do this to another? It’s the question we have been asking for the last five years." - Excerpt from The Polish Daughter

For those, like me, who have the previous books in this series, this one has cameo appearances from characters in an earlier installment. If this was done in the other books before this one, I missed it. But it was neat seeing the paths cross between the characters.

Nealon also doesn't shy away from giving a graphic image of the atrocities committed during that time. I think this, too, is what makes her stories so intense.

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Here are my thoughts on The Polish Girl, book one in the Secret Resistance Series:

This book was an incredible read that had me turning the pages. Full of emotion and resolution. Wanda was an excellent lead character though I also very much enjoyed the chapters from Finn's point of view. When reading the book blurb I had no idea how it was going to unfold--a young woman falling for the man who killed her father but it worked out and was explained logically. Recommend this read. Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for an advanced reading copy.

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