Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Book Review for Mind Your Own Murder by @PattiLarsen

What a fun, light-hearted cozy! I really enjoyed this one. Persephone recently turned the big 5-0 and finds herself divorced. This was a choice she made and doesn't regret but she feels the need to get away and assess her life and what it might look like from this point. She rents a cozy cottage by the ocean in Maine, intent on having a peaceful vacation. But it doesn't exactly turn out like that. Just upon entering the small town she faces road rage from a local. But she's still determined not to let that shake her. Then she finds out the piece of work lives next to her rental. Joy oh bliss.

The man is loud and obnoxious with a host of people who don't really like him but when he's murdered the locals are ready to point the finger at Persephone. She becomes the local sheriff's prime murder suspect. Instead of being able to enjoy her time away she finds herself trying to solve a murder so she doesn't go away for the crime.

I recommend this read for an afternoon's entertainment. It had good pacing, I connected with the main character, and it had a satisfying resolution. 

(I realized after reading the book and writing this review that the author is also a Canadian like me!)

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