Thursday, March 23, 2023

Book Review for The Cuban Daughter by @Soraya_Lane

Just wow. This was such an incredible, heart-rending, and yet enjoyable journey to take. I read this one in a day, barely able to put it down. It was told from the perspective of the present day and back in the 1950's. To the author's credit both were gripping and had me wanting to pick up the next segment of the story. I have read books where I have skimmed to get back to a particular person's point of view, but not with this one. 

It all starts with a mystery when Claudia is called to a lawyer's office. Not sure if this is some kind of scam or a legitimate request she still goes if nothing more than to satisfy her curiosity. When she ends up getting a box addressed to her late grandmother with mysterious contents, Claudia's curiosity is even more piqued. She becomes to determined to unravel not only her grandmother's heritage but also to piece together her own place in the world. This was a lovely, beautiful story that I highly recommend. 

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