Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Co Creation: Mystery Solved by @filibertoamati

Co Creation: Mystery Solved   
By Filiberto Amati
Genre: Nonfiction, Business


Co-creation is an umbrella concept for many diverse disciplines including marketing and branding. Co-creation is a new way businesses are innovating their creative processes. This book aims at providing the reader with the tools to understand co-creation, by providing a simple yet powerful framework to ask the relevant questions.   

Successful innovation challenges and changes the rules of the game in a sector, so to be ready for that, a business owner needs to be open enough to challenge everything he or she knows. Even better if one goes through the process together with customers and consumers.

Author Bio:

Filiberto Amati is an international business marketing expert, branding guru, small business management consultant and founder of Amati & Associates. (www.Amati-Associates.com).

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