Thursday, December 11, 2014

Animal Abusers Repaid in The Defenseless #newrelease

There is one thing that has the potential for turning me into a raging lunatic and that's animal abuse. I'm typically a loving and peaceful person, but when I hear news of someone working out harm against an animal, something inside of me snaps. It is this deep-seated hatred of these situations that inspired me to write The Defenseless

I thought what if I took an ordinary-type of guy and made him become so obsessed with these cases that he took revenge on behalf of the animals. What if he became the Advocate for the victims who have no voice? What if he took his vigilante justice to the point of murder? What if he adjusted his means of torture and murder to what his victims had inflicted upon the animals they abused?

In this thriller/police procedural, FBI Agent Brandon Fisher and the rest of the team head to Colorado to stop this serial killer. All the while, they question who is on the side of justice--them or the man they're after.

If that's not enough, Brandon's divorce is about to be final and probably will be by Christmas. And here he is thousands of miles from home--with Paige. Will they be willing to risk all they've worked for to pursue their forbidden relationship?

All these factors--and more--make up the plot line for The Defenseless. I hope it keeps you guessing the identity of the killer right up until the very end.

If you download The Defenseless, or have already secured a pre-order copy, thank you.

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