Wednesday, October 15, 2014

On a Budget? A New Way to Read for Less

As an avid reader, the cost of books can really add up. You love to support your favorite author but can't always afford to the get the latest release. Sometimes you have to wait weeks or months even though you'd love to dig into the book right away.

Well, you--the reader--have spoken. And I have listened.

With my Book of the Month Club you will gain access to download an assigned book each and every month. Even New Releases--the final product, not an un-proofed copy--sometimes even before they become available to the public!

In a given year, you will have access to more than 22 books! And you get all of that for one low monthly price. In fact, it’s so affordable, it costs less than two regular cups of coffee at your neighborhood cafĂ© (or one fancy, hard-to-pronounce one!) Don’t miss out on YOUR chance to have hours of reading enjoyment for one low monthly fee.

As extra incentive, as this site grows, I want to develop a personal relationship with its members. With YOU. There will be live chats where you can discuss the latest book, or ask questions about the characters. So instead of reading the last page and getting that let-down feeling because you want more of the characters you’ve grown so attached to, you can keep the feeling alive by joining in, or starting, a lively discussion. In addition to that, there will be opportunities to enter members-only contests and play trivia games. In fact, one contest is open now!

The list of possibilities is endless.

And this is my personal gift to YOU--my readers, my friends--after all, without you, my words would have no meaning.

But since this is all brand-spankin' new, I'm also looking for feedback from preferred members like YOU. Because this club is for you, I want you to get the most enjoyment out of it. So tell me what you love. Tell me what you want more of.

And get this--

To kick things off, I'm offering Found Innocent--from the bestselling Madison Knight series--a book that has never before been discounted! And if that's not juicy enough, you also get Shopping is Murder, a McKinley Mysteries instalment.

The 2 books you'll be receiving in October have a total retail value of US $6.98! But as a preferred member of my Book of the Month Club you'll pay only $3.95! That's almost half off the cover price!!

Sign up below so you can start taking advantage of this great offer TODAY. And since we all change our minds sometimes, rest assured that you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

So what have you got to lose?

Sign up NOW and start taking advantage of all the benefits associated with being a preferred member of my Book of the Month Club!

Happy reading and keep shining!
Carolyn Arnold

*P.S. Don’t forget to tell all your friends about this great offer too!*

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