Saturday, September 7, 2013

Randon Spotlight: Six-Pack of Fear by @bettydravis @paranormawriter

Six-Pack of Fear
by Betty Dravis and Barbara Watkins

International Best-Selling Authors, Betty Dravis and Barbara Watkins, introduce their readers to another six-pack of spine-tingling tales with this second installment of six short stories, Six-Pack of Fear. Journey into the unknown where nothing is as it seems; where the macabre, murder, terror and the paranormal happily invite pure evil to celebrate the dance of death. Sit back and relax! Pop that can of 'Blood'...uh, I mean beverage of  choice...and prepare to GET YOUR FRIGHT ON! SWEET SCREAMS, horror lovers!

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Some Amazon reviews: 

I love how they both write, and manage to create a masterpiece every time. 
After reading this I have to say that these two need to produce another--maybe this time in a novelette or perhaps something longer! 
A satisfying blend of humor, suspense, and horror (goose-bumps-giggles...&...chills.