Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Release: Fly or Fall by @gilliallan

She's not 'that kind of woman', but exposed for the first time to an atmosphere of hedonism and infidelity, her principles are undermined. She is tempted by two very different men, but will the allure of the unknown ever overcome the fear of stepping away from solid ground?

FLY OR FALL by Gilli Allan
Genre:  Womens Lit / romance
Released:  9/1/2013

Eleanor - known as Nell - thinks of herself as a wimp.  Even though her life has not been easy, she clings to the safety of the familiar. Married young and dependent on her teacher husband’s wages, Nell has stayed at home in Battersea with her twin children and her increasingly invalid mother.  Following the death of her mother the family’s fortunes suddenly change.  Trevor, her husband, is wildly enthusiastic about their ‘move up in the world’; he plans to give up teaching and move house away from London.  Nell is gripped by a nebulous fear of some unknown disaster that is waiting to trip them up, but her husband steamrollers her objections.

Now in her early thirties and living in an unfamiliar landscape, away from old friends, Nell feels cast adrift.  She is increasingly aware that Trevor is no longer the man she married and their young teenage twins, Jonathan and Juliet, are grumpy and difficult. The women she meets, Felicity and Katherine, seem shallow, materialistic and promiscuous. The new house is unwelcoming and needs modernisation. She is thrust into a continuing chaos of rubble and renovation.  Although one of the men working for the building firm is infamous as a local Lothario, he does not make a pass at her. At first she’s grateful, but she can’t help the niggle of resentment. Why not? 

When Nell takes a bar job at the local sports club, she is exposed to an overheated atmosphere of flirtation and gossip. Influenced by her new friends and the world in which she now moves, she begins to blossom and to take pleasure in the possibilities which seem to be opening up for her. She meets and forms a deeper friendship with the quirky new-age Elizabeth, a very different character to her other friends.  As Nell begins to enjoy herself and to become more enthusiastic about her life, it seems her husband is on the opposite end of a cosmic seesaw on a downward trajectory.  When she is pursued by a beautiful and enigmatic young man, and she is tempted into behaviour she would never have previously imagined herself capable of, the foreshadowed disaster happens.

FLY or FALL follows the dismantling of all of Nell’s certainties, her preconceptions and her moral code. Unwelcome truths about her friends, her husband, her teenage children and herself are revealed.  Relationships are not what they seem. The hostility between brothers is exposed and finally explained. She realises the hair’s breadth between wishful thinking, self-deception and lies.

Ultimately FLY or FALL is a love story, and by its conclusion everything has altered for Nell, the woman who doesn’t like change. But she has rebuilt herself as a different person, a braver person, and she has embarked with optimism on a totally transformed life.

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