Saturday, August 3, 2013

New Release: Second Chances at MG Ranch by Karen England

Come take an adventurous journey to the North Georgia Mountains with Loren and Sam and see how their love story unfolds.  Reviews are coming in as "sweet romantic story", and "I couldn't put the book down."

Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Released:  7/9/2013

Inheriting a horse ranch is not what most girls' dream of getting for their twenty-first birthday, but Loren Randolph did.  To accept her unexpected inheritance, she had to move to a small town north of Atlanta Georgia.  It was there on MG Ranch she encountered the mysterious foreman, Sam Burton.  Sam had managed the ranch for more than sixteen years, and he didn't take kindly to a young rich girl coming to claim what had become his home as hers.  Loren was beautiful, but more than that she was irritating to him.  In fact, getting under his skin from sun up to sun down was what she seemed to do best.  It doesn't take Loren long to learn Sam is weighted down by broken dreams and heartaches.  As time passes on the ranch, Loren and Sam discover love is all about taking second chances.

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