Monday, August 5, 2013


“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
― Albert Einstein

Farquhar's Family Secret is full of fairy tales!!

Genre:  Children's fantasy adventure
Released:  7/25/2013

History - An ancient oath of protection is made between a human family - the Shelton’s - and the leader of the Fairy Realm in Scotland in the 1600’s…

Present Day - Farquhar is a ten year old boy who had spent most of his life in New York City. When his family goes to live with his grandparents, in South Georgia, he discovers a magical secret and legacy that belongs to him. It begins when he sees leaves swirl around and become little leaf tornadoes, these turn into fairy notes that bear warnings and messages from the fairy realm.

 Farquhar learns about the fairies, (these fairies are not like Tinker Bell), and their realm. He also learns about the creatures that live in the realm this worries him… a lot! He learns that he is to be the Keeper for the fairies and is responsible for protecting the realm.  He meets his tutor Mickal who is very mischievous, and makes his life incredibly difficult by sending large creatures after him, just to test him of course.  Farquhar’s sister betrays him at school (she tells the other kids about him talking to fairies), of course he gets beat up, and after that he has to say he is gay to protect the secret of the realm.

Farquhar’s father is a problem not only for Farquhar but for the fairies as well, he is used to getting his way about everything and if he doesn’t he gets angry and throws a fit. The fairies eventually make it possible for him to get his job back in New York City hoping he will stop putting the realm in danger. Farquhar’s family move back to New York leaving him with his grandparents. He fights the feelings of abandonment by spending most of his time in the realm and learning as much as he can about magic.

Farquhar doesn’t have much time to brood over being left behind because Mickal resumes his testing by leaving him in a forest inside the realm where he is chased by huge wolfish type creatures. Through the fear and real need to escape he discovers he can fly!

Much more knowledge and many more adventures are ahead for Farquhar…

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