Monday, August 26, 2013

"I am addicted to comic books" - Author @mebeddingfield

Genre: superhero fiction
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Telekinesis - The power to stop a heart from beating with a flicker of thought.
Stolen belongings are clutched tightly. The gleam of fire reflects in their eyes as they watch their victims’ homes and businesses burn to the ground.
The mind that can kill a person with a simple command is beginning to fight back with an arsenal of nightmares and hallucinations.
While her crew fights for more money and territory, Ruby struggles with who she has become.
Can Ruby walk away from the closest thing she has ever had to family and be the hero she is truly meant to be?
A tormenting and emotional tale of self discovery, The Adventures of Miss Mind Shift is the first installment in the series, Emerald City Nights. It is an unforgettable superhero origin story.


Jayme Beddingfield lives in Seattle, Wa with her brilliant husband, their two wonderful children, and a slew of adopted pets with strong personalities. When Jayme isn't busy wrangling someone from the list just before, she obsessively writes fantasy and science fiction, devours comic books, and blows off steam as a D20 wielding Orc Barbarian. Jayme Beddingfield is the author of the superhero fiction series, Emerald City Nights. Volume One, The Adventure's of Miss Mind Shift is available now. Volume Two will be released early this December.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) I am addicted to comic books. I am mainly a Marvel girl but I do love batman.
2) When I'm anxious I paint the walls of my house different colors but secretly wish I was good at gardening.
3) I love games both tabletop and video games. Playing games relaxes me and fills up creative well.
4) My ideal afternoon is spent at the library with an iced mocha in hand.
5) I'm a night owl.

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