Thursday, August 22, 2013

Has she gone crazy? BREAKING AWAY: THE MAN IN THE SHADOWS by @yagudin21

Genre: Fantasy
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Maika is like any other young woman: creative, full of life... yet she has a secret. She has been hearing voices nearly her whole life. She has grown to trust and even welcome the whisper, as it has encouraged and protected her. But, she wonders, is she crazy? Or is there more to it? Maika’s journey gets complicated as she realizes there is a man behind the whisper, residing in the shadows. Is she just a pawn in a larger game, involving magic and different worlds, or is she more than an ordinary girl?


Erin M. Truesdale was born in 1981 in Minnesota.  Receiving her B.A. in history in 2007 from the University of Minnesota, she prides herself on being an articulate writer and possessing a keen interest of the human condition.  She has published poems in the Blue Earth Review and Unstrung Magazine.  In addition, she earned her M.S. in psychology from Grand Canyon University in 2013.  She currently resides in Mesa, AZ with her two cats, and the gentle whispers in her dreams.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) I love animals!  I have two cats and currently volunteer for a local animal shelter.
2) I used to drive a truck for a living, which surprises many people considering how petite I am.
3) Although I don't like musicals in general, I LOVE The Phantom of the Opera.
4) I love to paint and I dabble in photography, as well.
5) I am addicted to social media, most notably Facebook and Twitter.

Where to connect online

Twitter:  @yagudin21
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