Friday, August 2, 2013

A mixture of comedy and nostalgia...A KICK AT THE PANTRY DOOR by @philwhiteland

'Nostalgedy' is a combination word that attempts to describe these stories.  A mixture of comedy and nostalgia is what I'm aiming for here.  I did think about using 'comalgia' but it just sounds like an unfortunate medical condition!*

A KICK AT THE PANTRY DOOR by Philip Whiteland
Genre:  Non-fiction Memoirs
Released:  1st July, 2013

Welcome to the 'A Kick at the Pantry Door' restaurant. We have your favourite table ready and waiting and a selection of tasty and unusual dishes for your delectation and delight (but do bear in mind that the kitchen closes shortly as the Chef needs to go to his second job, rodding out blocked sewers). We have a few choice 'nostalgedy' stories for Starters, some meatier ones for your Mains, a selection of 'curmudgeonly rants' or keen observations (you take your choice) for Dessert, and something unspeakable to go with your Coffee and Mints.
Philip Whiteland tickles your fancy (it's not a crime yet) once again with this compilation of stories, often with a food-based theme, from today and yesterday. Pull up a chair and tuck in!

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*Pitch provided by author.