Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Combo of Sci-Fi and Politics - This Corner of the Universe by @tcotubooks

From the Author: Welcome Readers!  This Corner of the Universe combines my love of science fiction with my military experience, introducing a universe of political turmoil, fallible leaders and emerging technologies. In this first book, a single starship in an isolated environment is fighting against long odds of survival. Get to know the crew of Anelace, as this ongoing series explores the careers and lives of this family of characters while recalling the spirit of the age of sail and military tradition.

Genre:  Science Fiction

The first command of an officer haunted by his actions on his previous assignment, the mission of BRS Anelace was supposed to be simple and uneventful…
Sent to patrol and protect the interests of Renard Mining Enterprises in the remote Skathi solar system, the new captain should have had ample downtime to bond with his crew. Much to their surprise, Captain Garrett Heskan and his officers discover sabotaged navigation buoys and suspicious freighter activity that suggest a sinister presence in the system. Soon Anelace finds herself outnumbered and outgunned in a race against time to save the civilians operating Renard’s lone ore processing station from the threat that would drive the Republic from the valuable asteroid fields orbiting the Skathi star.

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Website:  http://thiscorneroftheuniverse.com/
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