Sunday, July 7, 2013

Random Spotlight: Calm Before the Storm by @BJRobinson6

B. J. Robinson 

Vera Minette left Louisiana six short years ago and never looked back. There were times she missed Lake Pontchartrain, but not enough to return after her high school sweetheart ripped her heart asunder. She hadn't counted on a hurricane and her sister's illness to lure her back. She hated hospitals and wondered why a feeling of déjà vu iced through her veins and overpowered her each time she entered one. The truth was she knew why. She just didn't want to think about it. She'd watched her mother die in this hospital, and she'd had her own ordeal. An ominous wave of memories flooded her mind. She turned at the sound of heavy footsteps and gazed into a pair of vivid blue eyes, the type that could see straight through you. She drew back and gazed up into those eyes she loved so much, the ones that mesmerized her like she was spellbound in a trance. Should call them hypnotic baby blues. She forced herself back to the present she didn't want to face. Strong arms hugged her. She lifted her head from the shoulder of the man who towered above her at 6'2" and 175 pounds of lean, hard muscle to keep the world at bay, but this was something even his strength couldn't protect her from no matter how hard he tried. Years ago Vera remembered she tried to fight off the shot as a nurse thrust a needle at her. She'd fought them in the ambulance, too, but there were too many of them, too many arms holding her down. She tried to tell the nurse she'd had a shot en route to the hospital, but to no avail. She felt the sharp prick of the needle and prayed before she went under. Myrtle tried desperately to open her eyes. She wanted to waken one more time to see her youngest daughter's big brown eyes. She had to say goodbye. Six years later, Bridgett went into a coma and never woke. Lilly went in for a simple operation and deep sleep turned into a coma. What did all these women have in common? They'd all had medication at the same hospital. Was someone playing God, or was it truly their time to go home? Would any leave the hospital alive?

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