Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Little House on the Prairie"...with dragons...Dragontamer's Daughters by @kentonkilgore

"Dragontamer's Daughters" is a 2-part YA fantasy novel that's like "Little House on the Prairie"...with dragons.

Genre: YA fantasy
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It is the unforgiving high desert of the Old West--but the Old West of an alternate Earth. Where the native people defend their lands with dragons very different from the fire-breathing monsters of our legends. Where Isabella--who is almost 13 years old--and her sister Alijandra--who is almost 8--scratch out a meager life with their parents.
Their home is a shack deep in the lands of the Diheneh, the indigenous people, far from the family's former country of Ysparria. Isabella dimly remembers a better time, years before, when they were rich and respected because their father caught, tamed, and trained dragons for Ysparria's armies. But now their father is an outlaw who spends many weeks away from home on futile efforts at prospecting. Their mother, aided by the old native woman who raised her, struggles to grow food, earn money, and keep Isabella and Alijandra safe.
Into their lives comes a small, wingless dragon from far away. Finding the dragon near death after a fight, the girls take it home and begin tending it back to health. Alijandra calls the dragon "Pearl," after its tiny white eyes. While Pearl heals, the family begins to learn where the dragon came from, as well as the strange and terrifying powers it possesses.
As the family ponders what to do with Pearl, they learn that the hunt for the former dragontamer has intensified. At the same time, Pearl grows more and more compelled to complete the mysterious journey that brought her to these lonely lands.


Kenton Kilgore was born in Germany in 1966 but moved to the United States shortly thereafter.  He took much of his inspiration for his first book, "Dragontamer's Daughters," from his childhood in Arizona and his studies of the Navajo people.
Kenton earned a B.A. in English Literature at the University of Maryland College Park, where he concentrated in creative writing, mythology, medieval English, and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. He earned an M.A. in English Literature at Washington College in Chestertown, MD.
He and his family are rabid Pittsburgh Steeler fans who live in Stevensville, MD with too many dogs and cats.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) I have never broken a bone or been stung by a bee.
2) I have been a Warhammer 40K player since 1987.
3) Despite my assertions, my mother insists that ex-Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant is NOT my biological father.  But what does she know?
4) I own and ride a 2009 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster I've morbidly nicknamed "The Black Widowmaker."
5) While working as a bank teller, I was in a real, honest-to-goodness-with-guns-and-masks bank robbery. It's...interesting to be lying on the floor with a guy standing over you pointing at gun at you.

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