Sunday, July 21, 2013

Excerpt of HOME WRECKER by @HomeWreckerbook

When I met an unassuming man at the gym my entire life changed in a matter of weeks. There was just something about him that made me want for more. I felt an instant spark that I would never have expected. For one thing, I had been married to a man for fifteen years who nursed me back to health while I was sick. Because of that, I thought I owed him my life.

HOME WRECKER I by Brenda Perlin
Genre:  Fiction


I was physically attacked by a woman who didn’t even know me. Yes, my boyfriend was her former husband, but she tried to ruin me. She was not my worst nemesis (I’ve had plenty of opposition from others), yet she caused me plenty of grief during a time when I didn’t have the energy for anymore negativity. Throughout my life, I’ve had many disappointments, survived many losses and had more than my share of sorrow. I had my expectations crushed repeatedly, yet I was still optimistic and believed there were good things to come.
Even when I felt there should be more than this, somehow I was able to find the positive in any negative situation. I believed life could be good and we could do well. That said, I still believed people should be accountable for their actions; not that I was a saint or anything even close to that. The bottom line was, I believed in payback. Ruth, the soon to be ex-wife of my boyfriend, deserved to be punished for her actions.  When she came after me with her racial slurs and wads of spit, I realized just how uncivilized a person could be.

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