Friday, June 28, 2013

Set Sail and ESCAPE by @Gabriel22452 #childrensfiction

Twelve-year-old Micah enters a portal to another world--through the wallpaper in his bedroom.  Set sail through the imagination of a child.

ESCAPE by Georgia Bruton
Genre:  Juvenile Fiction

Out of curiosity, twelve-year-old Micah touched the floating ship that appeared on the wallpaper in his uncle's childhood bedroom. Much to his surprise, Micah immediately whished through an unexpected portal and landed on a fast moving ship in the open sea. Thus began his high sea adventures in the world of pirates, allowing him to escape his dysfunctional family and alcoholic mother.

Throughout his escapades, Micah travels from ship to home to ship, and can't help but wonder if his uncle might have experienced similar adventures. Though he never discovers the truth about that, he does come to realize the importance of family--regardless of their problems and personalities.

ESCAPE, an exciting tale written for readers ten and above, entails high sea adventures and is filled with courage and heart.

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