Friday, June 14, 2013

Meet Werewolf Assassin Jasmine Riggs @AuthorLadyBlade

Forget a standard hired assassin, this crime syndicate sends in a werewolf to do the job.

by Lady Blade
Genre:  Werewolf


“You want me to do what?”
“I want you to do the job.  You’re there.”  Claude’s voice responded.
Jasmine's hand clenched around the receiver, knuckles turning white and she hissed her response in a low voice, conscious of the tourists around her.  “Claude, I don’t do those kinds of things for you.  I never have.  If you want Minozzi dead, you send somebody up here and do it yourself.  That’s not part of the agreement.”
His voice was cold in her ear.  “I just made it part.  Do it or don’t come back.”
Those six simple words confirmed the man’s seriousness.  But she tried never the less.  “I’m not a killer Claude.  I’m not one of your hence men.  I work for you because you pay me.”
His tone turned even deadlier.  “You work for me because you don’t have a choice my dear.  Your pay is a bonus.  Leaving my employ is not an option and we both know it.”
He was right, damn the man, but she gave it one more shot.  She did her best to keep her tone calm and level.  “Why now though?  Why this one?”
“Because you are there,” he said simply.  “My son was arrested today, Jasmine.” He used her name, never a good sign.  “The police came to my home and took Marco away on nothing more than that man’s word.  I want him dead and I want it done by morning.  Do I make myself clear?”
She gulped back her fear.  “Perfectly,” she managed to squeak. 
“Good.  Then I will see you back in the city in three days.” 
There was a pause and she knew the warning was coming even before he said it. 
“Do not disappoint me Jasmine.  You know what happens when I am disappointed.”
Yeah, people like me end up dead. 
“I do,” she said into the phone.  “And I won’t.”
“Good, good.  I knew I could count on you my dear.”
The line went dead and she replaced the payphone’s receiver slowly.  This was not good, not good at all.  There was no way she’d make it to her safe haven in time if she had to hang around and take care of Minozzi herself.  She shivered, wrapping her arms around her waist as she walked back to the Escalade. 
She couldn’t kill a man.  It wasn’t in her.  But her beastly side…now that was a different matter.  She suddenly felt very cold and alone.  She stopped next the SUV, watching the tourists strolling down the streets.  They paused, gazing into the windows and pointing at the various wares for sale.
Redwood was a small, sleepy little town in the winter that became a booming metropolis in the summer and fall. The tourists were everywhere, even this late in the season, shopping, laughing, and strolling along the quaintly paved streets in complete bliss of who she was.
They had no clue that a potential rampaging killer roamed among them. 
She shivered again, crawling slowly behind the wheel.  She could feel the beast settling in behind her eyes.  Snarling, clawing at her mind, just waiting for its chance.  It saw the tourists too. It knew what they were, knew what they would be if she allowed it out in this populated area.

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