Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meet Raven Shaw of MISS NOBODY by @nicoleydunlap

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Genre:  Drama, suspense, romance
Author:  Nicole Dunlap
What is your name?
Raven Shaw

What book are you in?  Is it part of a series.
I am one of the main characters in The Shaw Family Saga. Book one being "Miss Nobody," book two is "Miss Scandalous," the third is "Miss Perfect

Tell us about you:
I am a raven, hence my name. From the time I was a child, I had an ability to show people fragments of myself. Growing up not knowing my parents has taught me to keep unwanted feelings of neglect just beneath the surface. I've showed so many different shades of myself to people, I often don't know who I am. But there is one thing I live for. The man I love. In essence that is the greatest make up of me. All of the things I would go through to keep him in my life. I am strong and courageous. I will murder for love–which is evident in Miss Nobody, book one, and again (a few times) in Miss Perfect, Book Three. Though loving hard is my fault, I am a loyalist to family and friends. Once you’ve got me in your corner, don’t worry–I’m down.

What is your greatest fear and why?
I live my greatest fear in Miss Perfect. At which time I attempt to present myself without faults. That is a difficult feat since my closet is stuffed with skeletons--family or otherwise. In my attempts to be perceived as perfect around the only family I care about, my life, my inner turmoil crumbles beneath me. But I must continue on the quest of modeling perfection, if only to keep from being abandoned, yet again

What do you consider about yourself that makes you truly unique, and why?

If you could tell us one thing about yourself you would love to change, what is it, and why?
I would change my search for my mother, Charlene, as a teen. I found her. It ruined my life.

Who is your best friend?
Jon Dubois, we've been friends since we were toddlers. I saved him, really. At the age of three in Sunday School, another girl stole his snack. Him being such a fat child, I knew he'd miss the meal so I slapped her silly and it commenced a lifelong friendship.

If your house was on fire, what would you try to save?:
Been there, done that. My home caught fire in Miss Scandalous. To others' I wasn't in my right mind. But to me, I could only thing about my five-year-old daughter's pictures and drawings. When you grow up poor, you come to realize the greatest possessions come from the heart. Unfortunately, my frenzy to save her items was thwarted

What is your favorite quote?
Love hard.

If your story was made into a movie which actor/actress would best play you?
Lauren London. She's almost as pretty and as feisty as I have seen

Where can we connect with your creator online? 
Twitter:  @nicoleydunlap

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