Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Gateway to Another World - Dreams of Azenaria by @ckacosta

Enter another world where both light and darkness mingle.

by Conrad Acosta III
Genre:  Epic Fantasy

'Dreams Of Azenaria' is a gateway to another time and another place. A dark and twisted place that holds either the salvation or the destruction of an ancient race known as O'orn. Only the three Ritchell men can decide the fate of the O'orn, but it will take three generations for the fight to be decided.

Danshaw, Brevlin and Landar Ritchell are just regular guys, or so they always thought. A father and his two teenage sons who are trying their best to get on with their lives years after their wife and mother died. Landar only wants a peaceful life for his boys, but when secrets from a generation past come back to haunt them, they are torn apart from each other. Separately, they must fight against an evil that not only wants to destroy them, but wants to undo the lives they have created.

If you enjoy epic fantasy from the masters like Terry Brooks, Weis & Hickman, David Eddings, and Robert Jordan, you will enjoy your journey in Azenaria.

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