Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"I collect vintage movie posters of Marilyn Monroe" - Author @MrsFredheim

BEHIND MY FACE by Kristine Fredheim
Genre: Non-Fiction Inspiring
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Behind My Face is a true story about my life that most people can find relatable and hopefully learn from. I write about death, heartbreak, falling in love, pregnancy as well as finding success, wealth and joy from within. When I learned that the power of my life came from my heart, it completely changed my whole world. I went from being poor, not only in my wallet but in all aspects of my life; to having it all.
Growing up and having to go through family drama and the constant feeling of being alone, it made me want to share my story to help and inspire others. Your life can be great, if not amazing, no matter where you started and no matter what happened to you.


She was born and raised in Stavanger, Norway. She always had really good grades in writing both in Norwegian and English in school. She started writing short stories when she was about nine years old and when she was 12 she wrote her first song out of hundreds after that. Writing songs lead her into music and preformed her lyrics singing in churches, events or hired for parties. She also wrote speeches that she held on graduation, funerals, weddings and other. A 9-5 job is her biggest nightmare because she loves to do her own thing and follow her heart. Hopefully her heart will lead her to California to officially be a professional writer.
Now she lives in Stavanger, Norway with her husband and their two little boys and enjoying her life to the absolute fullest. 
Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) I have a passion for decorating
2) I teach my kids three languages. Norwegian, Finnish and English
3) Painting abstract paintings is my hobby
4) I am an vegetarian
5) I collect vintage movie posters of Marilyn Monroe

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