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"My absolute favorite food is pizza." - Author @kcrivers #fantasy

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
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A rogue elven prince is determined to destroy the creatures who murdered his brother, but his plans are disrupted when a tribe of powerful shapeshifters join forces against him. Now a single human girl, Evanthe, is caught between the warring species, and both sides are searching for her.
After accidentally stumbling into their world, Evanthe is kept hidden in the prince's own dungeon by one of his servants, a young mage named Delanor. All she really wants is to find a way to return home, for she knows it is only a matter of time before her whereabouts are discovered. But what weighs heavily on her mind even more than fear are the growing feelings she has for Delanor--and her dangerous attraction to the elven prince.
When she receives a tantalizing offer from the enemy, she will have to choose sides not only in a war between nations, but between the allure of an immortal prince and the unconditional love of his servant.


K.C. Rivers is a self-proclaimed geek with a particular fetish for elves, pirates, and winged creatures. She often finds inspiration for her writing from the scenic outdoors that her native Oregon has to offer. When she’s not reading or writing, she can usually be found taking a long walk or enjoying a cup of coffee. She currently lives with her husband, two dogs and cat. Prince of Light is her first novel.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) My absolute favorite food is pizza. I could eat that every day.
2) I love action movies, especially when they're based on comic books. "Thor" and "Hellboy II" have been my favorites thus far.
3) I'm a huge manga addict. I'm currently getting caught up on the series "Bleach."
4) I've been playing the piano for almost twenty years. Good gravy, that makes me sound old.
5) I also love video games. There, that doesn't make me sound quite so old.

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