Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"I am a very upbeat person" - Author @travelingdelta

BO JOHN'S TRAIN by Dana Walton
Genre: Children's Book
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Bo John’s Train is a book about an African American train engineer.  He is always smiling and waving as he roars through town driving the freight train.  Bo John leaves the townspeople in shock as he disappears and then reappears on board the train in the small town.


Dana E. Walton is an educator and the author of Bo John’s Train. Dana is a graduate of Bethune-Cookman and Troy Universities.  She is currently writing her Dissertation for her Doctoral Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Capella University.  Dana has been teaching for twelve years.  She has taught in the states of Florida, Maryland, and Georgia as well as in the Middle East in the United Arab Emirates.
This is her first book, and she wrote this book as a tribute to her father.  Her father drove trains for CSX Transportation in the state of Florida.  He was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer, and passed away.  He was a great father who loved his family, his friends, and driving trains.  He loved to tell jokes and he loved to make people laugh.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) I'm a Delta Sigma Theta
2) I love to shop
3) I love to travel
4) I love sailing
5) I am a very upbeat person, very optimistic and see the bright side of things!

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