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"I am really interested in The Royal Family" - Author @VasileMichael

Genre: Military Fiction (Royal Family)
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RMA Sandhurst is the place where you learn the fundamental meaning of military thinking and wisdom. Living and training in RMA Sandhurst means being born again, little by little.
The Cadet Life of Prince Harry is an extraordinary story of effort, adjustment, courage and love that underscores the transformative power of a military education, physical and intellectual efforts, that form you as a man. A look at the chapter headings promises a comprehensive, revealing read: Arrival At RMA Sandhurst, The Infamous Five Weeks, Classes In The First Term, The Second Term, Blue Nights In Sandhurst, The Third Term, An Adventurous Expedition to Cyprus , Incursions into the Enemy Base, Defying the Danger, Escaping from Hell, and Passing Out.


Vasile Michael is a former Navy officer, retired from the Army with the rank of Captain Navy (Colonel). Born in Transilvania, Romania, he is living In Bucharest with his family.
 He is professionally qualified in managing Military Units and has a scientific Ph.D. in Military Sciences. To reach this level he wrote over 150 works: articles, scientific research works and books. The literature is his favourite passion. So, after living the Army he became a writer.
  From early age he was interested in History of the British Royal Family. In 1999, when he was teaching at the English- Romanian Military Training Centre he spent three months in England at RMA Bracknell, Surrey and made some trips all over the country. Then he decided to write a book on this topic.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) Retired from the Armed Forces
2) enjoy scientific research
3) I enjoy coaching and playing soccer
4) I am married and have 2 children
5) I am really interested in The Royal Family particularly Prince Harry

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