Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Amazon Snapshot! My Grandfather's Eyes by @BevSpice #thriller

Genre:  thriller/mystery/suspense

How true can we be to ourselves without hurting others? Alex lives a comfortable life, but she wants more.  Love, sacrifice, secrets and lies - 'My Grandfather's Eyes'  is a psychological drama that has all this and more.   It is a suspenseful and chilling tale following the life and times of Alex Crane.  Alex knows what she wants and will go to almost any lengths to get it.
There is a layered and complex plot that disturbs and intrigues the reader as he finds out what Alex has done and tries to understand her motivations.
The part played by her Grandfather is both subtle and finally devastating as the story unfolds and reveals that we may not always appreciate what we have until it is too late.

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Where to connect with the author

Twitter: @BevSpice
Blog:  baspicer.blogspot.fr
Amazon Author Page:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/B-A-Spicer/e/B009DHX0FI