Friday, January 4, 2013

Trailer Time: Deathloop by @G.Brailey1

Settle in with some popcorn and watch the book trailer for:

DEATHLOOP by G. Brailey
Genre: Supernatural thriller

When charismatic lawyer, Zack Fortune agrees to take part in past life regression, the visions that break through from another life are so horrific he cuts the session short. But the following day, a young woman, completely unknown to Zack, standing on a high roof calls out to him by name asking him to catch her, moments before she jumps and kills herself. When a strange boy starts to stalk him, and an ex-girlfriend  accuses him of assault, suddenly Zack’s perfect world plunges into chaos, and when, one by one, he comes across more strangers who call out to him by name to save them, moments before they die in tragic circumstances, Zack  embarks on a frantic journey of survival besieged by demons that are determined ultimately to destroy him.

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Twitter: G.Brailey1
Facebook: Deathloop the Story