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"Power Rangers were what got me interested in martial arts" - Interview with @darkbiggie

What is your name?
Yasir Hayat

Tell us about you.

I am a Business graduate living in the UK.  My interests include martial arts.  I have studied a few disciplines including Karate and Muay Thai. I have a big interest in MMA though I don’t practice it. I like poetry, aside from novels and short stories I write poems and I am working on two anthologies at present. I studied philosophy a few years that gave me a new perception on life. I used to be an amateur film maker and I have a YouTube channel. I love theology and find it a fascinating subject and finally I am a bit of a gamer and love my PS3.

Tell us about your book.

An epic vampire novel set against a timeless gothic backdrop
Andross Ameliyo’s world is constantly beset by tragedy. On a stormy night he is given a choice that will ultimately spell damnation for himself or for those around him. Will he choose revenge or redemption?
In a revival of classic horror with an revenge theme, Memoirs of the Damned is written by a soul who is shackled in suffering. No matter where Andross turns there is to be no reprieve from the void of his existence. His is a story of sorrow, rage and horror.
The choices we make in life are what shape our destiny and even when all is lost, hope can prevail. Can Andross too find hope or will the pain consume all that he is and will ever be?
Memoirs of the Damned is a journey for those with a weary soul and a wounded heart, a revenge filled vampire horror.

What inspired you to write this book?

Basically I wanted to see a real vampire, in my opinion some literature and films out there don’t depict vampires as I would ideally envisage them. I have a pre-set notion of what I think a real vampire is and only one thing satisfied that notion, a game.
Legacy of Kain is a well known computer game franchise, its main character Kain is what I consider to be a “Real” vampire unfortunately there weren’t more like him. My imagination craved more so I had a brain wave, I’ll just make my ideal vampire up, everyone else has. This is my first time writing a fictional literary piece, the market may be saturated by tales of vampires.
Games, books, films and heck everyday life was the inspiration for my book. Bare in mind this story isn’t totally whole rather it’s an amalgamation of those early stories I used to write, a series basically that I was sentimentally drawn towards and had to see developed.

What can readers expect when they open your book?

Shock and Awe
This isn't like most horror stories out there, at least, to the best of my knowledge. I am fully aware of the influence Bram Stoker and Stephanie Myers have had on the genre. I am not here to re-invent the wheel, its literally just what I think things should be like.
This is my first piece of work and as a fledgling author I know I have much to learn and master. Having said that I believe that when people read my book, those that are passionate about literature will love what I've written. If this is my starting point then my writing can only get better.
It may be a horror story but I've designed it in such a way that people of understanding may be inspired. I mean that in the sense of that, even in the darkest and most depraved of times hope can still flourish. As people follow the journey of the lead character they will learn what revenge, sacrifice and consequences mean. Forgive me for being ostentatious but they may even learn something about themselves.
All I hope from those that read this book is that they enjoy it, that it takes them through the spectrum of human emotion. That the story envelops them and at the end brings them safely back to reality. We all love a good book to get lost into, I just want my readers to enjoy what I've done.
Do you have any suggestions for writers just starting out?

The writing world is harsh and cruel; at every turn there is someone there to put you down. Meeting that adversity head on is what will define you as an author, as a writer.

Immerse yourself in the literary community, join societies, find a mentor if possible, and get in touch with your local libraries. Look at the internet community, find bloggers and reviewers. Find people like Carolyn Arnold who out of the kindness of her heart is willing to help out. Do your research and strive to become the best.
Once I become an established author I am going to follow in Carolyn's footsteps. I am going to make a website, along with other things there will be a step-by-step guide in helping new writers get published easily. I will do the hard work so other's don't have to.
If you help out in the community, you will find the community helps you out!
Anything else you want to share with us?

Do you see writing as a career?
Absolutely, this is a craft that I am totally in tune with and if I could do this for a living I would. I have a degree in business and I never studied English in college. I don’t like rules that inhibit imagination but I love to entertain, a career in writing would be awesome and I confess it’s a coveted aspiration.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author:

1) I like spicy fried fish with rice
2) I hate sunny weather, hot and humid
3) I love the rain, especially thunder storms
4) Power Rangers were what got me interested in martial arts *haha*
5) I think Karl Pilkington is a national treasure

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