Friday, January 25, 2013

"Mischief and adventure run through my veins" - Author @JoffGainey #action

Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy
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Jake and Lucy are teenage twins, thrown into a world of mystery when they discover their seemingly unique gift. They can read each others thoughts. However this is not only confined to the two of them, for when they meet Lorna and William - Silver Liners, their journey begins to unfold. As Jake and Lucy travel to London, on an eagerly awaited school trip, the Silver Liners watch over them, fearing the worst. The worst becomes apparent as the children race through London, when they face an inevitable encounter with the Dark Walkers. The Twins have yet to realise their ultimate purpose, whilst battling for theirs and their loved ones' safety.
     Escaping to a secluded monastery, off the west coast of Scotland, Lorna discloses to the Twins they alone have a secret power that will, one day, destroy the Dark Walkers. But will they succeed?


As a father, family man and a teacher he has combined all these life skills to engage his readers in his stories. Action and adventure are coupled together in such a way that the reader is drawn head first in to his make belief world. As a child he travelled extensively, where each country or journey enriched his imagination and ignited a world of stories.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) I have four children. They are all delightful and keep me young.
2) My wife is my best friend.
3) I love reading.
4) I enjoy photography.
5) Mischief and adventure run through my veins.

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Twitter:  @JoffGainey