Saturday, December 22, 2012

"My cat clearly owns me" - Author @ericdontigney

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
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Samuel Branch is a man capable of wielding the energy around him to devastating effect. In another time, he would have been revered and feared as a wizard. In an age of technological miracles, the world has no need of his services. When a dangerous messenger arrives with orders from the ancient and unimaginably powerful Lords and the Ladies, though, Samuel Branch has no choice but follow the trail of a rising darkness. To complicate matters, when the sister of a friend-turned-enemy goes missing, an old lover resurfaces demanding that he intervene. When it all comes down, Samuel Branch may find that a rising darkness is the least of his problems.


Raised in Western New York, Eric Dontigney has lived in New Mexico, Florida, Wisconsin, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. He currently resides in Memphis, TN. He enjoys jogging, swimming and producing short, silly, stop-action claymation. He is a fan of photo-realism paintings, coffee and well-made food. He has a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and is pursuing a Master's Degree in Liberal and Integrative Studies.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) I have a coffee mug with a disappearing/reappearing Tardis on it.
2) I have given up the fantasy that I am a pet owner, since my cat clearly owns me.
3) My favorite philosopher is Nietzsche, but I've written more about John Locke than any other philosopher.
4) My favorite coffee is Jacob's Kronung.
5) I am fascinated by the history of the Medici family.

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