Monday, December 10, 2012

"I was almost abducted once" - Mini Interview with Author @IndigoChild87

BOOK OF SOUL by Jeffrey Bolden
Genre: poetry/short stories/prose
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Book of Soul, a book of short stories, prose, and poetry, that centers around my thought process between the years of 2009 - 2012. It features short stories with themes ranging from the afterlife, rape, violence, love, relationships to poetry dealing with suicide, neglect, fear, to prose about writing itself


Jeffrey Bolden is a character of sorts. An enigma if you will. Born in San Diego, CA, it wasn't long before his mother's Navy tour took him to places such as Tokyo, Japan, Memphis, Tennessee, Oahu, Hawaii, New Orleans, Louisiana, Middletown, Rhode Island, and Gulfport and McComb, MS all before he graduated from high school. Because of the vast number of places he has visited he has had an eclectic amount of experiences long before he started his college career and in essence, brought about the traveler inside of Jeffrey Bolden. Rarely a listener to the radio, wearer of clothes seen in magazines, or possessing the ability to tell you which celebrities are feuding among one another, Jeffrey Bolden is evidence that violent experiences and a peaceful soul can co-exist with one another as good and evil embodied into one person.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) My favorite about living in Hawaii was riding in the car to go pick up my mama and looking at the mountainscape reflecting every color of the rainbow on the watered over rocks
2) I was almost abducted once, but I ended up just robbing the potential pedophile. I still laugh about it to this day.
3) I used to get bullied maliciously when I was in the seventh grade, so I used books to escape from the reality of that experience until I balled my fist up and fought back.
4) One of the reasons I have no respect for authority figures is the fact that when I was getting bullied, it was usually right in front of the teachers. But then again, it was in the same school where teachers were actually fighting students, high speed chases occurring in the parking lots, and injuring students, and something like Cutthroat Season could exist. It was a very lawless time in my life.
5) People take my lawless nature to me that I'm devoid of morals and standards, but they are actually quite high. If I don't believe in something, I will not pursue it, if I believe something to be wrong, I will not stand by it. But at the same time, my definition of right and wrong are very different from the conventional definitions.

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