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"Flowers can be so expressive" - Author @Catherinemkirby

SARI CASTE by Catherine Kirby
Genre: General Fiction
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A courageous voyage through destitution, intrigue and murder.
Manasa is abandoned by the man she should marry. He marries her sister instead. Meanwhile Manasa finds herself pregnant with his child. She flees her Bengali village wondering where to go. Eventually, she finds herself wandering the streets of Calcutta. Without money or food, life is a daily struggle. Finally, she is taken on by a brothel. She is desperately unhappy until she meets a different sort of man. This man she marries in secret and together they plan her escape from the brothel.
Murder, corruption, and intrigue threaten to swallow up the new life they attempt to establish in the beautiful hill country of Darjeeling.


Living in a beautiful part of the West Country of England since retirement is a dream come true for Catherine and her family. It took time to adapt after living close to a large town within easy reach of London. She's been married many more years than she was single, and very happily to John her husband. They have one disabled daughter who lives with them. She is beautiful, a great friend to them both, loves books and shares the same sense of wacky humour.
Catherine has always been interested in observing people's character and motivations, as well as the places they live in. It was this that led to her novel Sari Caste. On holiday in Cyprus some time ago, someone handed her the middle feature of an English newspaper. This she put to one side with no intention of reading any newspaper on holiday. That was a rule she never broke. However, in an idle moment, waiting for her husband to get ready to go out, she picked it up. The story gripped her and touched her deeply. It told of how young girls from very poor families were being sold into bogus marriages or sent to brothels in Calcutta by a ruthless woman who lied to the girls' parents. She told them the girls would be well educated and found work in return for a 'generous sum. The story appalled and haunted Catherine. Some years later Sari Caste was the book these thoughts and feelings became. She wanted others to know.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) I love to watch the many birds that visit our garden.
2) I would like to have trained as a florist. Flowers can be so expressive.
3) I don't like Christmas but I do like meeting up with friends and family.
4) I'm brushing up on my Math's skill. I fell behind at school due to a rapid succession of Maths teachers.
5) My husband makes our bread in a bread machine and it's delicious.

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