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Book Excerpt: Medusa's Desire by @writerblack

Genre:  Fantasy Romance


She awoke to the sound of nothing. Her sisters were breathing heavily, but something felt wrong. She stood and readied herself. Her body tensed as the feeling of someone watching her shivered up her spine.
A man appeared out of thin air in front of her. His muscular back was facing towards her. He held a mirror shield in one hand and with the other placed the invisibility helmet in a sack hanging from his hip. The bag was too small to fit such a large object, but it slid in anyway. Medusa knew the endless wallet was the only thing that could carry an infinite load, but was small enough to fit in a pocket. Athena had given him all the tools he needed to kill her.
She waited for him to draw his sword. She would not kill another unarmed man. He pulled it out quickly and pointed it at her throat, close enough to slice her neck if he swung it forward another inch.
She met his gaze in the mirror and for the first time in her life, found herself changed by a reflection. Her heart melted. He had a strong jaw and brown eyes that were set in determination. His curly dark hair was covered in sweat. The hard muscles of his body were tensed.
She knew she was about to die, but instead of trembling in fear or attacking Perseus, she licked her lips. This was the kind of man she would have loved to seduce when she had been beautiful. Just to gaze at his glorious features for a moment ruined her heart for anyone else. For the first time in her life, she mourned the idea that she could never marry. At least he was a pretty sight to die to.
It took a moment for her to register the surprise on his face. She was shocked that he hadn't turned to stone yet. Instead, he looked as if he had seen a ghost. Various emotions flickered inside his irises: confusion, fear, and even guilt.
She didn't understand what was wrong until she gazed a little closer. His lover must have followed him inside. She stood right behind him.
She had pale skin and rosy cheeks. Her eyelids were lowered lustily and her eyes bright. She was naked and the beauty of her body rivaled that of Aphrodite. She had round breasts and pink nipples. Her hips and thighs were curvy and her body luscious. She was pregnant and stroking her belly.
Her face became sad and her pouty lips plumped. Why had he brought such an innocent creature with him here? Did he care to protect her? Not to mention, there was something about her appearance that was familiar. Medusa had to understand why.
Perseus continued to stare. The sword he pointed at her throat trembled. She didn't scream for her sisters. She was tired of being alive and wished to get death over with. Athena would send another man to kill her if it wasn't this one. Now was the time to move on from this phase of her existence.
For the second time that day, a reflection changed her life. She realized that the woman she was looking at in the mirror wasn't just anyone-it was her, how she had looked like back when she was human. It had been so long since she had seen herself that she hadn't recognized the truth immediately. She was more beautiful than she recalled, like a flower against the gray horror of the underworld. She looked delicate as she stroked her belly.
She looked down at her hands to see whether the curse had been broken-maybe true love had fixed everything. But they still had the same claws and coarse skin. That's why Perseus hadn't turned into stone. Her reflection didn't picture her accurately. It showed the world how she had once been when she was human, rather than how she appeared now. It was a nice gift to feel pretty one last time before she died.
Medusa was ready. She swallowed. "Well, are you going to kill me or not?" She raised one eyebrow at Perseus.
He was breathing hard. She watched his pecs move up and down rapidly. "I can't do it."
Her fists tightened. Was this Athena's idea of another trick? "Why not?"
He swallowed. "Because I never expected you to look so beautiful."

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1) I don't like eating eggs.
2) I've been caught dancing around in excitement while daydreaming about one of my stories.
3) Medusa's Desire is the third book I've ever written, but the first I've published.
4) I own two rottweilers.
5) I compose music on the piano.

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