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Genre: Historical Fiction
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November, 1516. Disgraced by the Vatican, Leonardo da Vinci is en route to France to assume his duty as the new court painter of the young King Francois I. Social prejudices and inequalities of the time revive Leonardo’s past. Will he survive, unharmed, the volatile, but exuberant court life of 16th century France?
“LEONARDO THE LAST YEARS” is a work of fiction. It is a rich story where documented historical facts are woven so tightly with fiction that it appears seamless.  It shows Leonardo da Vinci, not only as a brilliant mind whose ideas stretched far beyond his time, but also as a gentle man who did so while fighting the demons of his past that threatened to destroy him. Starting in 1516, and spanning three years of Leonardo’s life, it brilliantly invokes the sights, customs, and people who lived during the period.


Ton Pascal is a writer, a self-help advocate, designer of all things and artist.  Ton lived in Paris, France, for over 18 years and has now returned to Toronto. He loves history and is an avid reader.

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1) Film production designer
2) love to cook
3) adore silence
4) never misses a chance to travel
5) very loyal to friends and family

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