Sunday, December 23, 2012

Amazon Snapshot! The Matador Murders by @jl

Genre:  Mystery

The Matador Murders is a fun, fast paced murder mystery about the exploits of a husband and wife team working on a homicide case that implicates a good friend. The story opens with the execution style death of crooked cop Jose Gonzales. When the murder is blamed on his honest associate, Martin Gonzales, Martin sends out a cry for help to Roger Bowman and Suzanne Foster. The married team immediately heads to Uruguay, bringing their six-month-old son and a decidedly different nanny with them. When they see their investigation leads to a series of shady land grabs in Uruguay, and the implications of a vicious drug cartel behind the murder, they go undercover in order to foil the plans of a kingpin they call Mr. X.

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