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Worked in Finance, but now I own a Preschool! - Mini Interview with @_bad_bad

A VERY BAD BAD THING by John C. Yiannoudis
Genre: Children's illustrated book
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"A Very Bad Bad Thing", an illustrated children's book, is a fiction inspired by a true, almost unbelievable incident from Europe's contemporary History.
Action begins in Hope, a small beautiful country right “on the edge of the earth“. Hope is famous for three things: the sweet watermelons, the clean blue seas and of course its King, the famous King George.
Suddenly, one day, all countries around Hope begin to fight. One want to eat each other’s watermelons. A watermelon war is on!
As watermellon war approaches Hope, King George leaves country for the Island of Idle Mist. There he stays for years and years, waiting for the war to end.
What will happen? Will King George return? What will be the mysterious advice of Despinella, Hope’s old ‘n wise witch? And why Dino, the Ancient Iron Monster, is involved?
Find out by reading this fascinating, splendidly illustrated book, based on an unbelievable true story. A great tool to introduce kids (and not only) over the concept of randomness.
And moreover, an excellent hint for all of us to start discovering the real charm of History.


John C. Yiannoudis was born in pre-crisis Greece, back in 1969.
Along with his wife, Daniela, is the founder and owner of Dorothy Snot Preschool located downtown Athens. He loves contemporary History and old cars.
Most important of all, he is proud dad of 7-year old Nefeli.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) Love the old cars
2) Love Jazz
3) Studied Economics
4) Worked in Finance, but now I own Preschool!
5) My favourite habit is to read Contemporary History late night

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