Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"I adore dark chocolate and Light magic" - Interview with @MarinaDeNadous

THE CELESTIAL SEA by Marina de Nadous
Genre: Romance
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A glorious, exciting and heart-wrenching tale, 'The Celestial Sea' is the first book in a new series.
This is the story of an English housewife and mother and an artistic Kiwi man; musician, woodsman and teacher, who find themselves embracing life in the Southern Hemisphere in the most unexpected and extraordinary way. Plucked from the bosom of all she has ever known; she finds herself exploring the beautiful land of Aotearoa, New Zealand, in the company of a thrilling companion whose own settled, community life is challenged by her arrival.
Walking a fine line between blessing and disaster their creative liaison becomes a clandestine love affair of epic proportion, surprising them both with its spiritual truth. Dare they merge their growing affection into an everyday reality? Through the often hilarious adventures that make up their ‘ordinary’ routines they find themselves escaping to the tranquillity of their imaginary boat, 'The Celestial Sea'; sailing for many months in uncharted waters and alighting upon shores of such passion and sensuality that they risk capsizing, causing an almighty scandal in the harbour.
'The Celestial Sea' culminates as the profundity of their connection leads to a tragic ending of thwarted love – but is it really the end...? Find out in the subsequent books planned for the series


Marina de Nadous is a novice author launching a series she has been working on for the past 7 years. She considers herself a scribe, recording a story that arrived unexpectedly in her lap. 
Raised and educated in traditional Britain, Marina steps outside the conventional in her story-telling, taking the reader firmly by the hand as she opens doors to a unique creation and subsequent unravelling.
Marina helps run a small, alternative school in Somerset where she lives with her family. She considers New Zealand her second home. She has a message for all couples; that emotional intimacy and spiritual connection are jewels beyond compare----and that they are achievable.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) I love romantic poetry
2) My little dog is my constant companion
3) I am a dedicated mother
4) Inspiring others in everyday life is my purpose
5) I adore dark chocolate and Light magic

Where to connect online

Twitter:  @MarinaDeNadous