Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cannon Balls for Girls - Anti-Bullying Book by @cannonballsfor

Book Title:  Cannon Balls for Girls
Genre:  Children’s book (appropriate for all ages elementary through middle school)
Author:  Barbara Moore

Book  Description :
Is your child a victim of bullying? Is your child being a bully to others? 

This children's book can assist girls in dealing with the effects of bullying. It is written in a unique way from which both victims and bullies can relate to and benefit. ‘Cannon Balls for Girls’ emphasizes the ‘Golden Rule’. 

The book helps girls deal with not only the trauma of victimization, but can potentially help bullies rethink their actions. This book helps open up discussions on the subject between girls, their parents, grandparents and counselors. 

Bullying in today's world is not like it was years ago. Today’s kids have access to so many electronic devices that it can be difficult to escape bullying and almost impossible to deal with. Bullying often causes physical illness and serious anxiety. The results on children can be catastrophic. 

If your child has talked to you about being bullied there is a good chance that it’s already become an unbearable issue. Please listen closely to what she is saying. The author’s daughter was the victim of bullying in school. Initially, what sounded like casual girl arguments proved to be so much worse. 

It is the author’s goal that ‘Cannon Balls for Girls’ will help girls deal with the traumatic and sensitive issue of being bullied and cyber-bullied. This book will help them develop stronger and healthier mindsets about this issue as they enter middle school and even high school. 

The consequences of bullying can range from diminished self-esteem to physical injury. If you feel your child is having difficulty with this issue, please talk with her. Help is available through school counselors or check online for local resources. We hope the girls you know and love will benefit from this book.

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Why did you write this book?
I am happy to announce the release of my new book, Cannon Balls for Girls.  
 The plot references my daughter's horrible bullying experience, which occurred in elementary school at the age of nine years old.  The result of this was serious anxiety.  At one point it led us to the emergency room.  
 After many talks that seemed to do little for her ongoing trauma, I wrote this book to help her cope.  Her bullying experience diminished after she read it, and she no longer suffered from the emotional devastation she had been feeling during the incidents.  
 During the time I was doing illustrations, I showed a friend of mine the storyline.  Her young daughter was standing beside her at the time.  A couple of days later, she relayed a story of her own to me.  Her daughter had come to her that night about bullying issues of her own that she had been having in class.  Before that night, my friend had not been aware her daughter had been experiencing any issues in school.  Her daughter told her that she talked to her because she had heard her reading 'Cannon Balls for Girls'. 
I knew at that point that I needed to work toward getting this book out to parents and schools.  It is my hope that ‘Cannon Balls for Girls’ will positively impact other young girls who are victims of bullies as well as preventing bully mentality from developing before girls reach high school.
They boy’s version is in edits and will be released soon.