Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I love comedy - Interview with @RaBlazeworld

Genre: Self-Help, Personal improvement
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This is a complete How-to book that will completely show you all the aspects of fear. It will completely dissect all the elements of fear, and help you understand it and completely conquer it. This book deals with everything from the Fear of Death, the Fear of Others, the Fear of Love, the Fear of Betrayal, the Fear of Rejection, the Fear of Failing, the Fear of Enemies, and everything else in between that deals with fear. After you’re done reading this book you’ll understand fear and you’ll master it completely and then you’ll become the king of any type of fear that you may have, and you’ll learn how to observe others, and you’ll sense all types of fears that others may have! This is a must read because it is the ultimate book on the subject of fear, and after reading this book you’ll completely dominate everything dealing with fear no matter what the fear might be!


Rasheeal "Ra Blaze" Dixon ia a writer, a speaker, and also the host of his own independently produced progressive radio show on BlogtalkRadio. His show is called "All Talk Now Radio." From young he loved to write short stories that he would make family and friends read; he even would make strangers read his stories, and he loved the response that he would recieve. He always knew that writing was a passion, and public speaking was also something that he loved. He has the ability to captivate an audience and also motivate while entertaining, and educating at the same time.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) I am a caring man.
2) I'm helpful to others.
3) I have the ability to light up a room, and bring a great level of energy to the room.
4) I love comedy.
5) I am also a family man, and I donate plenty of my time helping the homeless.

Where to connect online

Twitter:  @RaBlazeworld
Website:  WWW.BlogTalkRadio.com/AllTalkNowRadio
Blog:  WWW.AllTalkNow.Blogspot.com
Amazon Author Page: http://amzn.com/e/B008MU8FCA