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"I am addicted to iced tea" - #Interview with @M_A_Richard

MOCKED BY FAITH by Michele Richard
Genre:  Romance


“Okay, folks, if you would be so kind as to allow a change in tonight’s program. We have a very special announcement to make. Alexia Cross, would you please come up here?”
My heart beat frantically in my chest. I balled my shaking hands into fists and pinned them to my sides.
With everyone’s eyes locked upon me, I weaved through the room to join my parents on stage. Before I could even ask what was going on, the other McNear couple joined us. Looking at my friends, I could see the ladies were beaming, not so much for Crazy Eight; he was in hysterics. Johnny just dropped his face into his hands and shook his head.
“Tonight Alexia Cross has been contracted to marry Justin McNear, son of James and Jane McNear from our sister church in England! Since he was unable to make the trek himself tonight, we’ll be holding their tying ceremony next month, on Saturday, June twenty-sixth, the day of their wedding. So, please join me in congratulating the future bride.” The announcement left me flabbergasted and gaping.
Did he seriously just say I’d be marrying a man I wouldn’t meet until the day of my actual wedding? My thoughts swirled around the realization. It was really going to happen? As soon as the clapping died down, the whispers started about my impending nuptials. Some thought the arrangement was just so people wouldn’t feel badly for me; others thought about the condition of the man I’d be marrying. I had a feeling I needed to find out what Crazy Eight knew.
“Alexia, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I think you will be just what our son needs,” gushed Jane as she gave me a tight hug.
Stepping back, she made room for James. “Your father is right; you’ll make the perfect wife for my son.” James hugged me, too.
Grabbing me away from James, my mother took her turn, “Oh, Alexia, we finally found someone who will love and take care of you.” She sobbed into my shoulder.
Once she passed me off, it was time to look my father in the eye. “This will be good for you, also.” My father sighed, relieved.
Thankfully, Ginger and Madison spared me from the rest of the people wanting to congratulate me. “C’mon, the guys want to tell you something.” Ginger rattled, grabbing my hand and dragging me behind her.
“Lexie, I’m so sorry they did this to you.” Johnny grabbed me, pulling me into a bear hug.
I huffed into his chest and let the realization wash over me. Rubbing soothing circles on my back, he held me until I released him. Looking up into Joey’s stormy eyes, I nodded for it to begin.
“Crazy Eight, how bad is it?” His face fell, preparing to tell me about his cousin.
“Justin’s not here tonight because . . .” he nearly choked on his own words, “he’s at the revirgining retreat.”
He’s not pure!
I saw everyone flinch at this news, and my chest started to heave. The air refused to enter my lungs. Panic rushed over me in waves. I finally got it. They hadn’t been able to find anyone pure for me, so they’d settled for someone who already had a track record. Could it get any worse?
“Apparently, he rebelled against our practices for a while, and now everyone is making him recommit to our lifestyle.” Johnny shrugged, avoiding looking me in the eyes.
“The fact that they couldn’t find him a wife didn’t help either, but I guess that’s all taken care of now.” Joey hip-checked me, chuckling.
Staggering back, I leaned against the wall and slid down until my backside landed on the ground. I tucked my head between my knees. No one knew what to say while the seconds ticked away.
“You’re awfully quiet, Lexie. What’s going on in that brain of yours?” Madison spoke softly.
“I’m just trying to figure out who I harmed in another life to have this happen to me,” I whined.
“Come on, guys, there have to be some good qualities to your cousin, right?”
“Yeah, Ginger. He’s good-looking, and his parents are beyond rich, which is really cool. I guess Lexie won’t have to worry about fumbling through the sex. He’s had enough practice to know what to do,” Joey belly laughed, causing me to groan.
“Great, so while he’s out sleeping with anything with a heartbeat, I can go shopping.” I hissed.
I saw my parents making their approach, so I jumped up and smoothed out my skirt. “Lexie, it’s time for dinner. Let’s go have a seat and get to know your future in-laws.”
I just waved good-bye to my friends and followed my parents to our table.
It was all I could do not to break down in tears after learning the only man whose parents wanted me had experience. The McNears spoke very highly of their son while they chatted through dinner. I remained my usual quiet self. I already knew enough to know that he would be the best I could get. Nibbling on my dinner, I tried not to vomit. It wasn’t the penne and broccoli that had me on the verge; it came from thinking about the man who couldn’t keep his manhood in his pants until after his wedding.

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