Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"I accidentally set fire to my childhood friend's living room" - @robertocalas

The Beast of Maug Maurai by Roberto Calas
Genre: Fantasy
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Grae Barragns is no hero. 

He knows there isn’t a man alive who can fulfill the promise of such a word. But when a caravan transporting a noble family is savaged in the haunted forest of Maug Maurai, Grae is ordered to be a hero. And a villain. It's a handful for an officer whose last assignment was capturing runaway orchard pigs. Such is the fate of a commoner among the high-born officer corps of the King's army.

Until now.

Grae is ordered to lead a small squad into the forest to kill the legendary Beast of Maug Maurai. It's a suicide mission, but if he succeeds he will reap glory, a noble title, lands, and, most importantly, respect.

All he has to do is slay the most dangerous creature in the kingdom with the help of a squad of misfits and criminals, and a philosophical female archer who chips away at his deepest convictions.

Before he sets out Grae receives one last ugly detail. A secret secondary assignment that makes it clear to him why he was chosen to lead the squad. It’s the first order Grae has ever considered disobeying, an order that will force him to choose between his loyalty and his morality. And he’s certain that the wrong choice will plunge the kingdom into civil war.


Roberto Calas is former journalist and editor who grew up reading fantasy and science fiction. He is a writer, graphic artist, father, fiance, pilot, juggler, killer of spiders and fixer of the DVD player. His arch-nemesis is morning.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) I flew a plane over my homecoming football game in high school.
2) My fiance lives in England. I live near New York. Yeah, that's how I roll.
3) When my son was four I taught him the entire Conan "What is good in life" speech. Look it up.
4) I can juggle four objects at once. Or four deadlines.
5) I accidentally set fire to my childhood friend's living room while adding a "burned look" to a map we were working on.

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