Monday, October 8, 2012

Double Murder. Unrelated Deaths. CZECH MATE by @Tom_Immins

CZECH MATE by Tom Immins
Genre:  Thriller

The quiet village of Glidon awoke one morning to the shock of a double murder. Two seemingly unrelated deaths. The only witness was a Czech au-pair, who was convinced that she was the intended target. She befriends Sam Lucas who agrees to help her. Before Sam can do any real good, the girl disappears. This takes him on a journey to Prague and France to find the girl and uncover the identity of the murderer.

Sam finds a friend in the guise of DCI Terry Long, a Detective with more than a few skeletons of his own.

Meanwhile, the village is not all it seems to be, a long running feud between two families is brought to an head after a gruesome discovery and a piece of scrub land becomes an important factor in settling a long running dispute.

In this new fast paced thriller, Sam is faced with difficult decisions once more, which not only threaten the life of the girl but also his own, especially when the reason is not business but personal.

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