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Chasing the secrets of her past..Book Excerpt with @AlexAnthony80

Genre:  Paranormal Romance


“I am sorry,” Stefan admitted, his voice soft. “I am an idiot.”
“Yes, you are an idiot.”  I spun on my heel and brushed past him, walking to the kitchen and began unpacking my bags.  I chose to ignore his brooding, intense stare as his eyes followed my movements.  I hummed as I put away produce, opening and closing cabinet doors as I finished putting groceries away.  His large frame was leaning in the doorway, watching me intently.
“I've been alone for a long time, Stefan.  The last thing I need is someone to tell me what to do and babysit me.  Did you ever think that I don't bother to leave notes because no one has been around to read them for a long time?”
“I apologized, Josephine.  Now you are supposed to accept my apology and we move on.”
I couldn't hold back my barking laugh.  “Really, Stefan?  Is that how this is supposed to work?” I made a back and forth gesture with my hand between us. ”You get to act like a jackass and I'm supposed to accept it and we just move on?”  I walked up to him, craning my neck to look into his eyes. “I'm not sure which cheesy romance novel you are getting your information from but that's not always how it works.  I get to be pissed off.”  I pointed to my chest and  pushed him out of my way, stomping past him into the living room.  I sat down on the couch and tucked my legs underneath me, my fingertips tapping out an angry rhythm on my leg.
Stefan was silent as he walked to the sliding glass door that led to the back patio.  His eyes were focused on the landscape outside, his posture rigid.  I watched him for a moment as his jaw clenched in frustration.  I let out a small sigh and felt my own anger wane.  I was beginning to realize it was going to be impossible to stay angry at him.
"You are human, Josephine.  You are fragile and breakable and at any moment I could lose you.  I am sorry that I overreacted, but I cannot lose you.  Not now.  Not ever."
Rising from the couch, I crossed the living room to stand behind him, wrapping my arms around his narrow waist.  He stiffened slightly as I pressed up against him.
“I'm fine and I have the right to be pissed off, Stefan.  Sometimes I think we're miles apart in the way we think.”
He relaxed slightly, his chest rumbling with his responding chuckle.  “Ah, Josephine.  That we can agree upon.”  He took one of my hands and led me back to the couch, sitting down and pulling me onto his lap.  I rested my head on his solid chest, waiting for him to continue.
His voice was steady and deliberate when he spoke. “I am ready to move on with my life now that I have found you, Josephine.  I have searched, waited and loved you for two centuries.  I have been patient,” Stefan paused, drawing in an unnecessary breath.  “I have found you and I do not want to play games.  Be with me, love me and let us progress.  Is that too much to ask of you?”
Was it too much to ask?  I'd been alone a long time, even prior to my adoptive parents’ death four years ago.  I'd never been normal, so why would my first and possibly last relationship be normal?  I was still attempting to baby-step my way into this situation instead of blindly jumping into the deep end like he was expecting me to do with no reservations.
“Stefan, let me tell you what my life was like prior to meeting you and letting you turn it upside down.”  He rhythmically began stroking my hair and I closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of his hands in my hair. “I was alone, with the exception of Georgia and Anna.  My adoptive parents died four years ago in a car accident.  I can't locate my birth parents no matter how much money I spend or how hard I search.  I move from place to place and I never settle down.  I'm used to being alone and then you sweep in and I'm supposed to just go with the flow?  That's sort of is the opposite of how I operate.”
Stefan pressed his lips against the top of my head.  “Yet I am over 900 years old and can change.  Explain what you want from me, Josephine.”
Laughing deeply, I wrapped my arms around his neck. “There are many things I want from you.   But I need time.  Time to adjust to us.  I need to get used to being in a relationship.”
He nodded. “Then I will give you time.  You have to promise to meet me halfway, Josephine.”
I swallowed the lump that had risen in my throat.  My mouth was dry when I finally spoke.  “I promise.”
“Now is the part of the cheesy romance novel where we kiss and make up, yes?” Stefan asked, his eyebrows waggling and blue eyes twinkling with humor.
“Kiss me, you big idiot.”
I didn't have to ask him twice.

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