Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"I love to eat cooked seaweed" - Mini Interview with @noriangirl

About the author
She is an Ireland born author, who's autobiography Noria set her on the path of writing. While writing and sometimes failing with several types of stories, Ms. Ceili found that her passion is creating story/activity books for the young and young at heart. She is also quite found of righting poetry and hopes to become a greeting card writer one day.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author
I do not like to wear shoes.
I love to eat cooked seaweed
I did not learn about the TV till I was 11 years old.
My fav. actress is Nancy Valen
I love to help people everyday

Where to connect online
Twitter @noriangirl
Facebook facebook.com/mccollonoughceili

Letters from Dollar the Contributor Bunny
Children's fiction
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In the eyes of a child all stuffed animals take on a life of their own right? Well Little Dollar is no exception. Except...he can come to life without the help of a child's imagination. While becoming real Dollar travels all over the world. He loves to help people and animals, but his way of doing so leaves most feeling upset rather then helped.  Dollar writes about his adventures to the other stuffed animals in the  play room, via an email sent on a toy cell phone.  After the email letters, there are pages of simple colouring sheets for the younger readers to enjoy, as well as harder activities to challenge older readers.