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"I love Chanel No. 5" - Mini Interview @sippingbythesea

Genre: YA Fantasy
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Some say the concept of rebirth is simply a metaphor for living a better life, a holier life. For seventeen-year old Talisa Santiago, such a resurrection is anything but a metaphor. It is her reality.

Talisa knows she can communicate with the spiritual world. She is the granddaughter of a shaman and going between two different worldly dimensions is something she realizes she is destined to do. However, what she doesn’t count on is what fate has in store for her.

After surviving the first hurricane of the season on the island where she lives, Talisa learns that her life is in grave danger. She must leave immediately and retreat to live with a secretive clan of Indians on a remote reservation deep within the Great Smokey Mountains.

Her blood brothers, three shifters who have the desires of both man and animal surround her, promising everlasting friendship and protection. Now, Talisa will put her life in their hands, depart from her mother, and begin the journey of a lifetime. However, the majestic mountains hold many secrets and danger lurks in the night. There are evil tricksters everywhere that want her dead. As Talisa falls prey to the confusion of her own sexuality, she unleashes an untamed passion that may get them all killed.  


Jamie Haden Author PhotoJamie Haden is the author of Spirit Seeker and Illuminate-Alive, She Cried. Jamie has a Bachelor's degree in philosophy and taught middle school in WV, KY and NC. She lives with her husband and three daughters in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Tell us 5 random things about you the person, not the author

1) I love Chanel No. 5
2) I have an extensive elephant collection (everywhere I look, I see a tusk)
3) My favorite wine in the world is Burgundy
4) If I had only one food to eat for the rest of my life, I would definitely choose salmon
5) My husband and I eloped; we've been married for nineteen years

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