Monday, September 24, 2012

Book Excerpt: Angel's Heart: The Keeper by @LisaBilbrey

Angel's Heart: The Keeper
by Lisa Bilbrey
Genre: Paranormal Romance

The dark, ominous sky wrapped around Oliver Chang as he walked down the cobblestone street. He pulled his jacket tighter around his body in a vain effort to keep himself protected from the bitter cold wind biting at his skin. The streetlights did a poor job of lighting the way, illuminating only small portions of the street. The temptation to broaden the range of the lights pulsed through him, but it was imperative to play it safe tonight. Even with the shadows creeping up around him, he couldn’t put everyone at risk.

Oliver turned left, walking down the alley between two deserted buildings and sparing a look behind him. Tonight more than any other, he had to make sure that nobody followed. Dangerous people were out. Oliver couldn’t be sure who to put his faith in. Only a few select people had earned his trust, and even then, he’d learned to tell them only what he deemed necessary. Checking once again that he was still alone, Oliver ducked down a set of stairs that led to the basement.

The door’s hinges creaked as he let himself in, and a sigh slipped out when the blast of warm air sank through him. Oliver tugged his jacket off, walking down the dank hallway and coming to a stop in front of a large, steel door. He raised his hand, knocking three firm and distinct thumps that echoed through hallway.

“Password,” a steely voice asked from the other side of the door.

“Marigold,” Oliver said low, but clear.

A loud click came a moment before the door crept open. Oliver quickly stepped in the room, not wanting to stand idly in the hallway. Closing the door, the man behind him took his coat and offered him a respectful nod. Oliver looked around, noticing how everyone sat around the large, oak table in the middle of the room, anxiously awaiting any news. However, while everyone waited, nobody spoke. Everyone here knew tonight would change everything.

Oliver moved around the table, taking his usual seat. “Have we heard anything?”

“No, nobody’s called yet.” The woman who replied to him leaned back in her seat, dragging a frustrated hand through her long, black hair. “How can you be sure that your information is correct?”

“Nora.” At the mention of his wife’s name, quiet murmurs echoed throughout the room. Nora Chang wasn’t to be taken lightly by anyone. “She’s with them now.”

Before anyone could say anything, the door to the room flew open, and Nora Chang came bustling in. Her dark hair flew behind her and she had a wild look in her eyes. “She’s here,” she announced.

“Is she safe?” Oliver moved next to his wife, slipping his hand into hers.

“As safe as she can be for now.” Nora looked around, letting a smile spread over her lips. “Today, the world as we know it has changed. We now have the responsibility to do everything we can to protect the Angel’s Heart.”

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