Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Amazon Snapshot! 'A Love Story Set in Saudi Arabia' @sibilepowell

Ishallah by Sybil Powell
Genre: Romance

The novel is a love story set in one of the most beautiful areas of Saudi Arabia, the Asir Province. There are three main characters, an Englishman whose construction company has a building contract in Saudi Arabia, his Saudi friend and business associate, the brother of a young Saudi woman. The novel tells of the problems of the Englishman and the Saudi woman who fall in love in a country where the strict Muslim laws make it illegal for a Christian man and Muslim woman to meet.   The reaction of her brother and his own dilemma when the couple are found out add to the complex situation.   Throughout the plot with its twist and turns the difference in the two cultures and the way of life and thinking between the West and East is portrayed to give an insight to the vast cultural gap which exists between a strict Moslem country and the freedom of the West.  

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